What are we up to - Grade Level Updates

Posted by Greg Chalfin on 3/1/2019

Happy March! Hope you’re well and are having a wonderful Friday and conference day!

It’s been a busy time here as we change over to the third trimester on Monday with new sections and Skills classes and the performances of our 8th grade musical next week. We all can’t wait to see the 8th graders wow us with “The Little Mermaid” next week! The new sports season has already changed over as well, and while wintry weather last weekend has impeded regular practice venues, we are excited for a fantastic season for our girls soccer, ultimate frisbee, and tennis teams.

I wanted to provide a few updates for you about things upcoming as we head toward Spring Break in just three short weeks. A couple of calendar notes for you are below:

  • Friday, March 15th – This is our next Friday halfday, so please plan to pick up your children at 12:15 from campus or from the Town Center after that.
  • Thursday, March 21st – Stanley’s Ski Day is on this day, and we look forward to heading to Arapahoe Basin. Taryn and Art will be in touch with more details about this day as we get closer.
  • Friday, March 22nd – Please join us for Stanley’s Arts festival in the morning before our annual Wheel Day in the afternoon on the final day before Spring Break.

Additionally, as we head into the third trimester, I wanted to provide a brief curriculum update for you. There’s been so many wonderful things happening in classrooms and in the middle school. From acting and singing to science labs and Socratic seminar discussions, you can see snapshots of the joyful learning happening on our middle school bloghere.

In the 6th grade, students have been working diligently as they conclude the trimester. In math, students are continuing their engagement with a family budgeting project and will be faced with some family budgeting challenges that they haven’t prepared for. Next trimester, they’ll be delving into the study of fractions and probability. In science, students are turning in their created news article on a tectonic event and will be studying weather patterns soon. Learning Center students are revisiting the goals they set at the beginning of the trimester and are continuing to develop their study skills. In Spanish, students have been making comic strips to summarize what happened in the book Escape Cubano, and they will venture into the study of Bolivian music next week. In Humanities, students are doing a mini-poetry unit this week and will move into the study of Westward Expansion in the United States next trimester. In Arts, students are concluding their visual arts projects with Jairo and will move into drumming classes with Koffi next week. Finally, in Chat Room, students are working on how to give and receive apologies, speaking about the topic of forgiveness.

In 7th grade, math students began a Geometry unit this week, and you may be seeing some hexaflexagons adorning your kitchen table soon. In Language Arts, students continue to progress in their study of To Kill a Mockingbird, examining code switching in the character of Calpurnia and discussing various aspects of the book. In science, students will be working with motion sensors, looking at time-distance graphs with velocity, speed, and acceleration. In the Learning Center, students are examining how to evaluate their own work using rubrics provided from their teachers before receiving feedback. Coming up, they’ll continue to develop test prep and learning consolidation skills. In Spanish, students are learning about the history and geography of Guatemala through the book Esperanza.In the Arts, 7th graders wrapped up their work with Laura in Drama class and look forward to the spring trimester of music with Will and Jairo. Finally, in Social Studies, students are beginning their study of the Civil Rights movement through a case study of the Little Rock Nine.

In 8th grade, Social Studies students are wrapping up a Holocaust unit with a final panel presentation on a choice topic of interest. In Language Arts, students have also been studying the Holocaust and have completed their work with Elie Wiesel’s Night. They are also finishing book clubs on Holocaust literature and are starting the Diary of Anne Frank next week. In the Learning Center, students are continuing to outline strategies to solve word problems and connect visuals they’ve made with the addition of word problems. They are also organizing their ideas for the upcoming Social Studies assignment. In science, students are learning about the nervous system, recently conducting a reaction time lab to look at their responses to stimuli. In Spanish, students are wrapping up working with fairy tales in the past and present tense, and they will be moving toward looking at the history of El Salvador, preparing for the study of a related novel. Mathematics students are working on word problems with systems of equations as they continue to progress through algebraic concepts. All of this work is in conjunction with the great anticipation and excitement around next week’s 8th grade musical. We all can’t wait for the shows next week!

In P.E., Donna’s students have been playing badminton and will be working through soccer and pickleball shortly. As mentioned, spring sports teams have started, and we’re excited for a fun season of ultimate frisbee, tennis, and girls soccer for our teams. Go Bulldogs!

Spring Break will be here before we know it, and we look forward to a wonderful start to the third trimester over these next few weeks. I am continually impressed by and grateful to be working with your students and to be part of such a strong community. Thanks for all your support, and have a good weekend!