Halloween and Conferences Ahead

Posted by Greg Chalfin on 10/25/2018

Hope you’re having a good week, and all is well! Halloween is upon us, and I’m excited to experience my first Halloween Parade at Stanley next week. I’ve heard amazing things about what is in store and look forward to seeing all the wonderful costumes from Kindergarten through 8th grade on Wednesday!

A couple of reminders for you where you can be of help with as we head toward Halloween. As your children choose costumes, please be sure that they choose costumes that are inclusive to others and are not group costumes that are exclusive to certain groups. Please also be sure your children are not wearing costumes that could be considered cultural appropriation. It goes without saying that the reason your child is dressing up as someone from another culture should not be “because it is funny” to do so. Additionally, it is helpful to remind your children that their costumes need to be sensitive to the fact that we have younger students on campus who can be easily scared. Homeroom teachers have been speaking about this with your children in homeroom during this week, and thank you for your help and support in helping us have a fun Halloween here at Stanley!

We are looking forward to Conferences next week as well, and Taryn will be sending out your conference time to you by email tomorrow morning. I’ll say more about conferences next week in a longer update, but I look forward to seeing your children lead these conferences. I know students and faculty alike are working hard to prepare for this important part of our program.

Finally, for 7th grade parents, please join me and Art from 8:15-9:15 am on Tuesday, Oct. 30 in Taryn’s office for a 7th grade parent coffee. We look forward to this informal gathering and to chatting with you about your children and the wonderfully messy experience of parenting a 7th grader.

As always, thank you for all your support, and best wishes for a great weekend and Happy Halloween! Look forward to seeing you all soon!  

All the best,