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CPR features Stanley handwriting students

Stanley students prove cursive isn't dead yet

Colorado Public Radio, June 2017: This is the digital age and I’m looking at something many have thought was increasingly near extinction. I’m looking at exquisite and beautiful cursive handwriting. It’s rare to see such painstaking effort put into penmanship.

Yet, there’s a sense among three young Denver students — 11-year-olds Liam Cassidy and Ashlyne Barringer, along with her 9-year-old brother Gavin — that writing longhand makes them feel like they are part of the adult world.

There are certainly few millennials, or even 30-somethings, who could perform that skill on demand as a requisite for adulthood. While they’re still a few years out from a world of full-time responsibility, these three from Denver’s Stanley British Primary School have just earned recognition in a national cursive writing contest.

Each, of course, had to write an essay.

“Every time I pick up a pen, I begin to think about all the reasons I love cursive,” Liam reads from his award-winning essay. “One example is, at times, cursive can be an excellent example of self-expression..." [Read more]