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Board-building Underway: Accepting Nominations

Each spring, the Stanley Board of Trustees begins a board and committee building process for the upcoming school year.  The Board reflects on the current composition of the board and its committees and undertakes a “matrix analysis” to identify important areas of representation and expertise to ensure we are equipped to fulfill our fiduciary duty and guide the school forward.  This year, the board is concentrating its pipeline building efforts in the following areas:

  • Generational representation to ensure the full journey of students and families is included in board membership (i.e., alumni, alumni parents, veteran current families, newer families, etc.);
  • Diversity and multicultural representation to ensure that our board and committees reflect our school community;
  • Finance, development, governance, legal and communications expertise, to ensure we maintain a balance of professional capacity aligned with the priority issues facing our school.

Board service is a significant time commitment and we are particularly interested in volunteers who have demonstrated a prior commitment to leadership in other areas of participation at Stanley, as well as a deep understanding and appreciation for the British Primary educational philosophy.

If you are interested in learning more about the board building process and our timeline, please click here to link to “The Stanley BPS Board . of Trustees Nominations Process”, or feel free to contact the board at