A Whole Lot of Fun for the Whole Family

  • Each year, our 8th-grade students and several staff make a capstone trip to the UK, where they take in the cultural and historical sites, and create a memory that lasts a lifetime. Bingo4Britain is hosted and put on by our 8th graders for all members of the Stanley community - young and old. This is a great family event. 


Ready to Play?

  • Raffle stub

    Raffle tickets sold at the Bingo could win you one of these great family friendly prizes:

    #1 Treats for you and your pet (value $75)
    $25 Two Pals & a Pup, $25 Chuck and Don’s and $25 Starbucks gift cards

    #2 Date Night - with your kids or someone else (value $95)
    $25 Tattered Cover, $30 CubaCuba, $20 Parkburger, $20 Starbucks gift cards

    #3 Lowry Treat Yourself (value $114)
    $89 SpaVia and $25 Glacier Ice Cream & Gelato gift cards 

    #4 Day at Lowry (value $125)
    $60 Orange Theory, $20 Rocket Ice Cream, $25 Lowry Beer Garden and $20 Starbucks gift cards

    #5 Dinner on the Fly (value $125)
    $25 SmashBurger, $25 Subway, $25 Garlic Knot, $50 Mici gift cards

    #6 Day Out in Cherry Creek North (value $170)
    $50 Cherry Creek North, $50 Mici, $20 Urban Outfitters, $25 Little Feet, $25 Amazon gift cards

    #7 Cherry Creek North Extravaganza! (value $195)
    $100 Hillstone, $50 Cherry Creek North, $25 Enstroms, $20 Starbucks gift cards