• Transitional Kindergarten begins in 2022!

  • Why Transitional Kindergarten?

    Stanley British Primary School is excited to announce a Transitional Kindergarten (TK) class, set to begin in Fall 2022. Designed for younger five-year-olds, this program will continue the British Primary educational philosophy while uniquely meeting the needs of our youngest students.

    For many years we have seen a number of kindergarten applicants who are on the younger side developmentally for a multiage classroom, although they have outgrown preschool. Seen as a smaller contained setting with fewer transitions than our multiage K-1-2 classroom, a TK classroom is a gentle introduction to elementary school, and provides students with time to develop foundational skills needed for success in school, in a very specific developmentally and age-appropriate setting.

    TK will serve children who turn five years of age between May 1 and October 1, to better align with Denver Public School's cut-off date. However, not all students with late birthdays would be offered a spot in this class; some will be placed into a multiage K-1-2 classroom due to developmental readiness.




    What Will This Look Like?

    Beginning in Fall 2022, we will add a TK classroom of up to 15 students with one lead teacher and one associate teacher.

    Located in the warm, cozy space known as Carolyn’s Room, this self-contained class will run on the same days and times as our other K-1-2 classrooms and will offer early literary instruction, math, social studies and science, as well as choice time, arts, music, PE and movement. Our youngest students will also have time to practice daily maintenance skills like tying shoes and zipping jackets, and learn about their immediate world, including themselves, their friends, their family and their school, all among peers at a similar level.


    About Applying

    Potential students will apply during our regular admission season and go through our standard admission process. After an evaluation of the child, our admission team will discuss recommended classroom placement with parents. 

    TK students would be expected to begin kindergarten in a multiage K-1-2 classroom the following year. Tuition will be $22,758 for the 2022-2023 school year. See our tuition and fees page for more details.

    To apply, visit our Admission page.

  • Susannah MaraisSusannah Marais will be leading our new Transitional Kindergarten program. With over 20 years as an educator, Susannah has been a K-1-2 classroom teacher at Stanley for six years and was previously a lead teacher at Paddington Station Preschool. She also taught in Denver Public Schools and Aurora Public Schools, and is a graduate of Stanley's Teacher Preparation Program. Susannah has an immense heart for young children, a wonderful appreciation of childhood and a profound understanding of the joyful, holistic growth of our youngest learners.  

    "I am so excited that Stanley will offer a TK program for our young five-year-olds! This program will honor the uniqueness, beauty and wonder of this stage of life. Children will grow and thrive and be ready for our multiage classrooms the following year."

    Joanna Hambidge

    Head of British Primary Professional Learning