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  • 6th grade Spanish - Cuban food!

    Posted by Greg Chalfin on 1/15/2019

    In preparation for their visit to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Molly's 6th grade Spanish students have been learning about the food of Cuba. It should be a fun, educational trip on Friday! 


    Cuba 6


    Cuba 5


    Cuba 4


    Cuba 3


    Cuba 1


    Cuba 2   


    Cuba 7

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  • Portraiture in 6th grade art!

    Posted by Greg Chalfin on 1/10/2019

    Jairo's 6th grade art students are jumping right back into good work in 6th grade art with a project on portraiture. Lots of great drawings beginning, as the students work with learning about symmetry and proportion to help them apply their skills to drawing a portrait of anyone! 


    Jairo 1


    Jairo 2


    Jairo 3


    Jairo 4


    Jairo 5


    Jairo 6

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  • Welcome back!

    Posted by Greg Chalfin on 1/8/2019

    Welcome back! Students jumped right back into their classes today and hit the ground running. We look forward to an amazing second half of the year! 


    Jan. 8 (1)


    Jan 8 (2)


    Jan 8 (3)


    Jan 8 (4)


    Jan 8 (5)

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  • Holiday Program!

    Posted by Greg Chalfin on 12/21/2018

    We had a lovely Holiday Program here at Stanley today! Happy Winter Break everyone, and see you in 2019! 


    Holiday Program 1


    Holiday Program 2


    Holiday Program 3


    Holiday Program 6


    Holiday Program 4


    Holiday Program 5

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  • Final day in homerooms!

    Posted by Greg Chalfin on 12/20/2018

    Lots of wonderful activities in homeroom on our final full day of the semester!

    December 20 (1)


    December 20 (2)


    December 20 (3)


    December 20 (4)


    December 20 (5)


    December 20 (6)


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  • The final week before break!

    Posted by Greg Chalfin on 12/20/2018

    Lots has happened in these final days before break! From final Social Studies speeches to run for president of Weimar Germany in 8th grade Grade Level to homeroom activities to last assignments and assessments to recess fun, we're winding down what has been a wonderful fall semester. We look forward to an amazing holiday program tomorrow and to a great, restful, relaxing break. Happy holidays! 


    Semester 1


    Semester 2


    Semester 3


    Semester 4


    Semester 5


    Semester 6


    Semester 7


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  • 6th grade science - Convection Currents lab

    Posted by Greg Chalfin on 12/14/2018

    Kelly's 6th grade science students have been working with a Convection Currents lab this week as they learn about plate tectonics. Lots of great learning as the semester winds down!


    Convection 5


    Convection 4


    Convection 3


    Convection 2


    Convection 1

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  • K-1-2 Buddy Rehearsals

    Posted by Greg Chalfin on 12/12/2018

    Middle school students and their K-1-2 buddy classes have begun their rehearsals for the Holiday Program in earnest. We look forward to the show on Friday, December 21st. Happy holidays! 


    K12 buddy 1


    K12 buddy 5


    K12 buddy 4


    K12 buddy 2


    K12 buddy 3   

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  • Bulldog basketball!

    Posted by Greg Chalfin on 12/12/2018

    The Stanley BPS Bulldog basketball teams have had a great start to the season. Lots of team camarederie and great learning is happening. It's been an amazing start to the season! 

    Hoops 1


    Hoops 2

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  • 6th grade science - Plate Tectonics lab!

    Posted by Greg Chalfin on 12/9/2018

    Kelly's sixth grade science learned about plate tectonics this week!

    Plates 1


    Plates 2


    Plates 3


    Plates 4


    Plates 5

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