The Next Generation of Educators

  • Stanley's History of Teacher Preparation
    The Stanley Teacher Prep program was founded in 1972 by former First Lady Bea Romer and founding head Carolyn Hambidge, both of whom had a vision for a school that would not only teach children but would serve as a model for teaching teachers as well. For Carolyn and Bea, the vision for their first classroom was to nurture the development of human beings—to be a safe place where teachers and children learned and taught.

    Influencing Public Education
    Carolyn and Bea sought funding to launch this new educational concept, the British Primary approach, with goals to influence public education and partner with public teaching entities. 

    Apply here Through a partnership with one of Colorado’s higher educational public institutions, Metro State College, they were successful in obtaining grant monies from the federally funded Model Cities Project, which at the time was at the forefront of civic innovation across the country.

    Out of the basement of Montview Presbyterian Church in metro Denver, Bea and Carolyn started their first early childhood lab classroom in 1972 where they hosted interns as apprentice teachers who learned from master instructors.

    Growing Demand
    Based on the growing demand from parents seeking effective teaching for their children, the intern residency program expanded from a single lab classroom into a fully integrated teaching preparation model.

    In 1992, the British Primary teaching approach and residency model were integrated into two Denver public elementary schools. These agreements represented one of the first successful educational partnerships demonstrating that private entities with resources can effectively work with public institutions to ensure the greater good in educating all children effectively. One of the founding principles of the program continues to be a commitment to reaching children in schools deeply affected by poverty.

    Going Forward
    In 2015, Stanley united with PEBC's Boettcher Teacher Residency program to create Colorado's largest and most effective techer residency model. We now work together for recruiting and licensure coursework for Stanley BPS residents.

The Apprenticeship

  • Stanley's program offers:

    • Colorado Teaching License
    • Full-year apprenticeship with two mentor teachers
    • Unique, two-classroom rotation
    • Early Childhood Education (Grades 0-2)
    • Elementary (grades K-5)
    • Secondary (grades 6-8)
    • Consistent feedback via field coach
    • Post-residency support during hiring process
    • Up to 5 years professional development

    Focus on: 

    • Creativity
    • Critical Thinking
    • Community
    • Personalized Learning
    • Constructing Curriculum


  • Stanley BPS and the PEBC Boettcher Teacher Residency welcome inquiries at any time. For more information or to talk to a recruiter, contact us: 

    Lynne Forstot
    Field Coach

    Alyssa Phannenstiel
    Recruitment & Admissions Coordinator
    (303) 377-3779 

    Stanley Facebook feed   instagram

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