Library time means discovery

  • K-5 students spend dedicated time in the library each week or stop in for media resources to augment their learning. Our librarian creates independent lessons during take-out time and collaborates with other teachers to craft units in the library that complement class work. 

    Allan's book-based investigations follow the students' direction, focusing on anything from inventions and historical topics to family studies and individuals who made a difference in the world.

Meet Stanley's Librarian

  • Allan

    Our Teacher-Librarian Allan Cutler works daily with students for lessons, browsing and borrowing books. He also organizes a huge book-raiser for the school, the Scholastic Book Fair. Before coming to Stanley, Allan had been a K-5 classroom teacher, technology teacher and librarian in public and private school classrooms in San Francisco and Denver. He's a musician and actor, and loves helping kids find good reads -- holding regular book swaps in Hambidge Commons to facilitate sharing among the school, families and friends.

Check-out and Check-in

  • Stacked books
    Students learn to be assistant librarians (ALs) to help each other borrow/return books and to be increasingly independent library patrons.
    • Browse a robust collection of picture books and chapter books at all levels and genres
    • Don't forget nonfiction covering a very wide array of topics
    • Stanley students can check out books each week
    • The exact number grows as the year goes on and typically tops out at five books
    • Books are due back in two weeks and can be renewed and kept longer as needed
    • To get new books, students simply exchange recent reads for new ones