• Each year, three Stanley alum present TED-Talk-like presentations for parents, alumni and alumni families in STAN Talks. In 10-minute presentations, our featured alum tell us about what they are doing in the world, and how their experience at Stanley informed some of the choices they have made.

    A new tradition, each STAN Talk is followed by the Stanley Alumni Association's presentation of the Spirit of Stanley Award - voted on by the community as someone who has dedicated themselves to upholding Stanley values and teaching philosophy. 

Spirit of Stanley Award

  • The Spirit of Stanley Award is given by the Stanley BPS Alumni Association to a Stanley educator or community member who embodies the principles of our mission to engage, challenge and inspire a love of learning in our students. Spirit of Stanley award winners are nominated based on their demonstrated commitment to British Primary philosophy and their indelible impact on our school, our alumni and our community. Spirit of Stanley Award recipients are honored at our annual STAN Talk events.

    We warmly invite members of the Stanley alumni community to nominate someone you believe best represents the Spirit of Stanley. Upon consideration of all nominations received, the Alumni Steering Committee will select the year’s recipient.



    Send an email to alumni@stanleybps.org containing the following information

    1. Based on the description above, please nominate up to three people and include a brief supporting statement of why you feel they represent the Spirit of Stanley.
    2. Your contact information - and a brief update of what you're up to if you're so inclined!
    3. Tell us iIf you're interested in becoming more involved with the Stanley Alumni Association (participating on our Alumni Steering Committee, as a future STAN Talk speaker, volunteering at Stanley