What Is the Board's Role at Stanley?

  • Each year, Stanley is grateful to have the dedication and active participation of incredible community members working on behalf of Stanley BPS, its head, faculty, staff, and its future. Our board members take their responsibilities very seriously; they include: 

    • An SBPS trustee understands, supports, and actively promotes the school’s mission, vision and values. S/he is committed to the principles of educational excellence, diversity, and inclusiveness which are expressed in the mission, vision, and values statements.
    • An SBPS trustee actively support and promotes the school’s strategic goals and policy positions. In keeping with the “one voice” policy adopted in the Amended and Restated Bylaws, s/he supports the final determination of the board concerning any particular manner, regardless of the trustee’s personal position on such matter.
    • An SBPS trustee actively participates on a regular basis in the work of the board by regularly attending meetings, actively participating in committee work, and making meaningful contributions to the discussions and decisions of the board. S/he shares relevant knowledge, expertise, skills and connections within and outside the school community in order to further the work of the board. 
    • An SBPS trustee supports the school and its head and demonstrates that support within the school community and in the larger community.
    • Because the board’s role is to set policy and focus on long-range and strategic issues, an SBPS trustee does not become involved directly in specific management, personnel, or curricular issues.
    • An SBPS trustee takes care to separate the interests of the school from the specific needs of a particular child or constituency.
    • Each SBPS trustee has fiduciary responsibility to the school for sound financial management. This includes seeking out any education needed by the trustee in order to understand the school’s finances and actively participate in board financial discussions.
    • An SBPS trustee understands, supports and actively promotes the school’s development program. S/he contributes in a way that is meaningful to him/her in any fundraising campaign and actively promotes a culture of philanthropy at the school.
    • An SBPS trustee commits to act as a positive presence both in the work of the board and as a representative of the board in the school community.
    • An SBPS trustee brings issues of importance to the school to the head of school or the board president rather than responding to the situation individually.
    • An SBPS trustee keeps all board deliberations confidential.
    • An SBPS trustee guards against conflicts of interest, whether personal or business related, informs the board of any conflict that arises, and abstains from voting on any matter related to such conflict.

Board Organization

  • Board structure

2020-21 Roster

  • Sumant Bhat

    Sarah Burgamy

    Anne Burtchaell

    Ed Calvin

    Hadley Cox

    Jennifer Engleby

    Garth Jensen

    Craig Jones

    Brad Langner

    Doug Llewellyn

    Brooke O'Drobinak

    Lori Pidick

    Quintin Sally

    Shreka Thomas

    Katie Varholak, President