What Is the Board's Role at Stanley?

  • Stanley British Primary School is a non-profit, private, independent school governed by a Board of Trustees. Stanley is grateful to have the active participation of these dedicated community members working on behalf of Stanley BPS, its faculty and staff, and its future.


    The role of the Board is to ensure the school’s long-term viability. Our trustees employ our Head of School, uphold the school’s mission, measure performance against the strategic plan, advise on financial decisions, and help steward our capital assets.

Board Organization

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2022-23 Roster

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    Ksenia Adams

    Sumant Bhat

    Sarah Burgamy

    Anne Burtchaell

    Hadley Cox

    Erin Gleaton

    Craig Jones

    Brad Langner

    Doug Llewellyn

    Andrew Mohraz

    Jamie Morgan

    Brooke O'Drobinak

    Lori Pidick

    Erica Salmon Byrne

    Katie Varholak, President

    Alyssa Yatsko