Discovering the Creative Self

  • Stanley students participate formally in four branches of artistic expression: music, dance, theater and visual arts. Instruction and expression in Stanley art classes are child-directed explorations. Ask young and older students alike, you'll hear the same themes of instruction followed by limitless exploration. This ethic comes from our curricular goals for art students: 

    1. Use courage, self-confidence, voice, skills and knowledge to visually, musically, dramatically, physically communicate and respond to the world through art
    2. Expression through the arts with intent, purpose and thoughtfulness
    3. Understand that art is an element of everyday life and learning
  • "I'm not told what to do. I can play with what we have in the art barn, or whatever we're working on. I like it when I can do work on my own ideas and am proud of what I've made."
    - 5th-grade student 

  • Stanley resource classes go beyond arts and athletics to include regular class time K-8 for language learning, technology and media studies, physical education and our unique social-emotional programming ... Watch this space for more information, or contact our admissions team for details on these programs or to schedule a tour. 

On the Ballroom Stage

  • Each year, every division mounts memorable, student capstone performances including the 2nd-grade show, 5th-grade musical, 6th-grade Shakespeare studies and the 8th-grade musical. Then, there are less formal institutions: Cave open-mic shows, the Cabaret, art-class bands, the annual all-school Arts Festival - each giving students a chance to shine. 

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