The Joy of Visual Arts

  • "I'm not told what to do. I can play with what we have in the art barn, or whatever we're working on. I like it when I can do work on my own ideas and am proud of what I've made."
    - 5th Grade Student

  • Visual Art Teachers

    Chris LewisChris Lewis

    K-1-2 Art

    "Children need a place where they can be messy. " - Carolyn Hambidge, Stanley Founder
    This would be my room. I encourage my students to generate their own ideas and I help them bring them to fruition. We always have a variety of choices going on, including music, painting, drawing, ceramics, writing, wood working, and motorcycle repair.


    Aya SchickelAya Schickel

    3-4-5 Art

    In Art with Aya, we create projects using a variety of materials and methods, often based on the work of current and past artists. We will explore the elements of art and principles of design, and at times, we will integrate our projects with the 345 Social Studies or Science curricula. 
    Most importantly, we enjoy being creative in a safe and supportive environment. 

    NanNan Munger

    Middle School Art

    Middle school artists explore historical and present-day art, experiment with new materials and techniques, and build skills in collaboration and planning. Whether the media is charcoal, spray paint, green-screen moviemaking or plaster, each project is an opportunity for students to consolidate their learning through exploration.


    By the 8th grade, Middle Schoolers can build sets for their winter musical; use their knowledge of figure drawing to create a buff Minnie Mouse or a smoker with the hand of a skeleton; and independently research how to hydro-dip frisbees for their final project. Techniques, approaches and materials used become a toolbox Middle School artists can draw from as they embark on complex projects meaningful to them.