Spirit of Stanley Award

  • The Spirit of Stanley Award is given to a Stanley educator or community member who embodies the principles of our mission to engage, challenge and inspire a love of learning in our students. Spirit of Stanley award winners are nominated based on their demonstrated commitment to British Primary philosophy and their indelible impact on our school, our alumni and our community. Spirit of Stanley Award recipients are honored at our annual STAN Talks event.

  • Jon GOur 2024 winner of the Spirit of Stanley award is Jon Gottesfeld!

    A member of the Stanley faculty for over 30 years and the father of three Stanley alums, Jon has always taught with patience, humor and respect for every child.

    According to a Stanley parent, "Jon is an incredible educator who makes learning come alive for the students in his class. Playful and funny, Jon uses humor masterfully to connect with kids and make learning joyful and fun. He pushes kids to think critically about the bigger issues in our society - clean water, identity, war - while maintaining space for fun traditions like the annual donut eating contest that brings sticky-faced joy to many."

Past Award Winners

Spirit of Stanley Award Winners