Spirit of Stanley Award

  • The Spirit of Stanley Award is given to a Stanley educator or community member who embodies the principles of our mission to engage, challenge and inspire a love of learning in our students. Spirit of Stanley award winners are nominated based on their demonstrated commitment to British Primary philosophy and their indelible impact on our school, our alumni and our community. Spirit of Stanley Award recipients are honored at our annual STAN Talks event.

  • LenetaWe are thrilled to announce that our 2023 winner of the Spirit of Stanley award is Leneta Jones

    A member of the Stanley faculty since the early years, Leneta has done it all, from teaching a K-1-2 classroom to now serving as a K-5 learning resource teacher and reading specialist. She has been a consistent, comforting, solid and strong rock in our community for a long time and never asks for recognition or accolades. She loves us all unconditionally and with a huge heart. 

    According to a former Stanley parent, "Leneta embodies the Stanley philosophy. Her patience, creativity, compassion, dedication, and realistic approach to educating children has made a difference in so many lives. The children she has taught, the parents she has educated alongside the children, and the colleagues she has mentored -- this list is long."

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