Dos and Don’ts During a Crisis

  • Please read and observe these recommendations to help ensure security for all members of our community. 

    DO stay tuned to texts and email for messages from the school.

    DON’T call your child, teachers or the school; added phone calls interfere with school staff who need to keep lines clear to communicate with emergency personnel.

    DO watch for information regarding reunification with your child in the rare case that staff and students evacuate; be sure to bring a valid form of ID to the reunification site.

    DON’T come to the school unless notified to do so; keep our campus clear to enable efforts of emergency personnel. For your safety, the safety of your child and the well-being of all involved, it is best to monitor the situation remotely until you receive an all-clear message from Stanley. Students will not be released until the incident has ended or the scene is safe.

    DO stay calm; emergency notifications can cause us to assume the worst, but there are various reasons a school could begin an emergency procedure and many do not directly involve the school.

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