Stanley prepares year-round

    • Annually train our school-based emergency response team on emergency procedures.
    • Maintain building and campus emergency plans according to the Standard Response Protocol.
    • Partner with the DPD and Denver Fire Department in planning and drill efforts.
    • Conduct all-school emergency drills annually for fire, lockout, lockdown/shelter-in-place to ensure students and staff are responding in a safe and timely manner.
    • Gather the emergency response team throughout the schoolyear to review best practices and up-to-date training.


Four emergency protocols:

  • Lockout – continue activities behind locked doors 

    • We ‘lockout’ our buildings with students inside when there is a safety concern that is NOT an immediate threat on campus; for example, the police pursuing a vehicle or investigating suspicious activity nearby.
    • During a lockout, we secure all buildings with students and staff inside and notify teachers to continue activities as normal until further notice; students are unlikely to notice a difference unless the lockout happens during transition or outside time.
    • We stay in contact with DPD and follow-up with them after we receive an all-clear notice.

    Lockdown – doors locked, lights out, out of sight

    • We begin a ‘lockdown’ when there is a safety concern regarding a potential threat to our school; for example, police pursuing a suspect on our property or a perceived threat within the school.
    • During a lockdown, staff close and lock all points of access, school business and student activities cease and everyone gets quiet and out of sight – sheltering in spaces on campus as we have practiced in drills.
    • The ERT stays in contact with police and emergency responders until the lockdown is lifted, then we arrange for all-school communication and/or reunification of parents to students.

    Shelter – seek cover indoors

    • When there is a severe weather warning, we instruct staff and students to shelter in a secure place inside.
    • We stay in contact with weather agencies and emergency responders to determine when to call an all-clear. We request that parents wait to take their children until the all-clear has been communicated.

    Evacuate – move to a safer location 

    • Emergency responders or our response team may instruct staff and students to leave campus or buildings on campus in the case of a hazard such as fire or other danger inside the school.
    • In the case of an evacuation, we will notify parents of the reunification location where families can collect their students if it is necessary to leave school property.
    • Stanley has made arrangements with a nearby school to serve as a potential evacuation location in case of an emergency on Stanley’s campus that causes us to evacuate.
drill communications

How Stanley communicates to families in an emergency

  • Our goal is to be sensitive to the needs of families and to communicate accurate and timely information without interfering with ongoing emergency responses or investigations. We try to balance the need for communication with the risk of creating additional anxiety or concerns.

    Text messaging and website: Parents and guardians will hear from the school via text message to the parent/guardian's mobile phone number recorded with the registrar. Follow-up information typically comes via email or the school website. Please keep us up to date with your contact information.

    Drills: Occasionally during school drills we will practice all-school text communications. You don't have to reply to these messages.

    Lockout - continued activities: In the case of a lockout, where Stanley learns of a potentially dangerous activity nearby campus, protocol is that Stanley’s emergency team or representative decides the level of communication necessary. If the lockout happens near dismissal, arrival or transition time, the school will send a text to families. All lockouts will be followed by an email to share details with families.

    Lockdown - lights out, doors locked, out of sight: If Stanley encounters a threat on campus, the Stanley emergency team or representative will send or set in motion the text communications and/or website posts to keep the community well-informed of the emergency and action steps for families.