What Forms do we Need to Submit?

  • 1. Student Health Forms and Immunization Certificate for all students (at right) are due by June 30 for: 

    • All new K-5 students
    • All students entering 6th grade (Student Combined Health Form & Sports Release)
    • All 7th and 8th graders who wish to play sports
    • All families for whom we do not have completed files and information (families will receive notice from us if forms are missing)

    2. Medication Permissions or Action Plans for Chronic Conditions as needed (at right) are due on or before your child's first day of school for all students who require medication at school or care plans for chronic conditions. The State of Colorado requires authorization for school staff to safely support any student who requires medication administered at school, during school hours or on overnight or field trips.

    We are also required to have clear instructions in the form of care plans for students with asthma, allergies or seizures. If you child requires such care, please complete the following form(s):

    • All students who require medication at school or on overnight or field trips
    • All students treated for chronic conditions


From our handbook...

  • Parent responsibility for health and medical forms: Parents and/or guardians must provide all required health, medical and emergency contact forms to Stanley before students begin attending school. When we request your medical forms in the spring/summer for the following school year, please meet the deadline (typically due June 30). Students may not start school without these forms completed.

    Care plans and medication for asthma, allergies, seizures, type 1 diabetes or other conditions

    Stanley maintains health care plans for every student with special health needs as mandated by the State of Colorado. We must receive care plans by August 1 before the start of the school year, and corresponding medication must be delivered to Stanley before your student attends their first day of school. All care plans and forms for medications can be found at stanleybps.org/medical.

    Students with the following special health needs require health a care plan filed with the school:

    • Allergies: Complete and sign a Colorado Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan and Medication Order for students with severe allergies requiring medication. Be sure your health care provider completes and signs the doctor’s portion of the form.
    • Asthma: If there is a chance your student may need asthma medication during program hours, please complete and submit a Colorado School Asthma Care Plan & Medication Order, signed by parents and completed and signed by your health care provider.
    • Seizures and or Type 1 Diabetes: Children with these conditions are also required to have a health care plan signed by parents and completed and signed by a health care provider.
    • Other medical conditions: You and your health care provider must complete and sign an individual health care plan for children with any other medical that requires care at school.

    Medication required during the school day or school trips

    Children needing any medication during school hours (other than those included in care plans noted above), require a Permission for Medication form signed by parents and a healthcare provider. This form is for prescription and/or any over-the-counter medications needed during the school day, on field trips and/or overnight trips.

    backpack rx Please deliver your medical forms and medications – according to the guidelines below – directly to the student health coordinator. If the student health coordinator is not available, front desk personnel in the Hambidge Commons can also accept these items. Medications may not be delivered by students or directly to your child’s teachers, who are not permitted to accept medications.

    Parent responsibility for school-time medication: Parents and/or guardians must give all proper forms and medications directly to the student health coordinator. Please do not provide any of this information to teachers; Stanley’s student health coordinator must check in the medication and provide it and related care information to your teachers.

    School-hours medication guidelines

    We take the task of keeping good records and ensuring students receive the proper medications while under the care of Stanley staff very seriously. Note, no designated school personnel may administer prescription or nonprescription medication without the following requirements first being met:

    • Prescription medications must come in the original pharmacy-labeled container with the student’s name, name of medicine, time medication is to be given, dosage, licensed health care provider’s name, and current date.
    • Over-the-counter medications must be labeled with the student’s name and current date. Dosage must match the signed health care provider authorization, and the medicine must be in the original container.
    • Written permission from a health care provider must show the provider’s licensing credentials and include clear permission from the parent/guardian to administer the medication according to the filed Permission for Medication form or care plan. (FYI: These forms also include a release of liability or loss related to the administration of any medication.)
    • Approved students may carry and self-administer medications after meeting two conditions:
      1) All required paperwork is on file with the student health coordinator, and 2) the student’s healthcare provider, school nurse consultant, Stanley’s student health coordinator and the parent/guardian agree the student is appropriately trained and demonstrates competency. Each self-carry situation is individually assessed, and parents may opt to have back-up medications at school.
    • Stanley staff are not permitted to administer medical marijuana or cannabidiol (CBD) products; there are no exceptions. Parents and/or guardians should not request any staff to administer any marijuana or CBD products to students at any time. This includes oils, edibles and other products related to marijuana and/or CBD.

    Rx at shool Parent responsibility for supplying necessary medications to Stanley’s health coordinator: Parents and/or guardians must deliver medication to Stanley meeting all of the above requirements and get in touch with the student health coordinator at 303-360-0803, ext. 188, if they would like their student to self-carry medication. Parents may not supply medications to school in plastic bags, envelopes or any other containers that are not the original packaging.

    Duplicate medications for students in Stanley’s Extended Day program
    Students in our Colorado licensed Extended Day child care program will be cared for by the Extended Day staff during after-school hours. Licensed by Colorado’s Department of Environmental Health and Human Services, Stanley’s Extended Day program is required to maintain a separate set of medications for each child under its care.

    Parent responsibility when students with medical concerns are enrolled in Extended Day: If you have a child that requires life-saving medication, such as an EpiPen or rescue inhaler, please provide a separate set of medication (under the same guidelines above) explicitly for use by the Extended Day staff. This medication should be turned into the student health coordinator, who delivers the medication to Extended Day staff after ensuring medication requirements have been met.  

    Plan ahead about medication for overnight and off-campus trips
    Prescription and nonprescription medication may be administered on overnight field trips by designated school personnel so long as standard requirements have been met regarding medications. Families will receive specific heads-up notification from the student health coordinator about an upcoming trip. According to a pre-trip planning timeline – paperwork due one month out, meds due the week before – parents must submit medication and forms for students needing medication who do not already have medication on record for dispensing during school-hours. We cannot accept medication on the day of departure.

    Parent responsibility for submitting medications before a school trip: The support of families in meeting these deadlines gives teachers and staff ample time for additional staff trainings and to prepare medication schedules for each trip. This, in turn, creates the safest environment for our school mission-driven overnight trips.

health and wellness to-dos

Why all the forms?

  • The State of Colorado requires Stanley maintain specific medical records, student medication permissions and care plans and emergency contact information so that we can provide the best possible care for students while at school or on school-sponsored trips. Stanley further requires care plans for every student with health conditions such as asthma, allergies, seizures or type 1 diabetes. We email these forms to parents every year, and ask you complete them before school begins.

    The State of Colorado also requires Stanley maintain copies of the immunization records for every kindergartener, 6th grader and new student. The State also requires that we calculate the immunization and exemption rates for the Stanley student body, which we do using data from the Colorado Immunization Information System. If a student’s pediatrician or primary care doctor does not submit immunization information to the Colorado Immunization Information System, we will contact parents/guardians individually to provide this information to Stanley.