• The well-being of our students and staff is our top priority. Please review these pages and our handbook for emergency guidelines, messaging, updated protocols and specific ways parents can support security on campus. 

    Student and Staff Health: Our teachers and staff emphasize all the tenants of a healthy classroom and school - from the importance of frequent hand-washing and allergy common sense to teaching empathy, anti-bullying and safety on campus and overnights. Please play close attention to medications permissions at school and on overnights, and to the best practices for when your student must take a sick day from school

    Campus Safety: Stanley follows the Standard Response Protocol that is regularly reviewed and updated. Our Emergency Management Team works directly with the Colorado School Safety Resource Center to ensure coordinated approaches to school safety. Learn more about security practices on Stanley campus, and how parents can support here

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    You can count on a busy Hambidge Commons at many times of day...


    Resources for talking to your students about safety: The subject of safety and the dangers that seem so prevalent in the world today can be scary or confusing for many of us, students and parents alike. Our teachers, in collaboration with our social-emotional staff, are always ready to support students who may want to talk about these frightening these issues. If you or your children are experiencing heightened concern around issues of school safety, please make use of these helpful resources (below), shared with us through the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS): 

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