• Summer at Stanley

  • Frequently Asked Questions:

    Who can attend Summer at Stanley? Any child who has turned 5 by June 1 may attend Summer at Stanley. Any incoming Stanley kindergartener can also attend Summer at Stanley.  

    What is the difference between the Day and Specialty Program? The Day Program is geared toward students entering grades K-2. The Specialty Program is geared towards students entering grades 3-8 and offers a more in depth experience in a more specialized class. 

    What are the hours of Summer at Stanley? The day starts at 8:30 a.m and ends at 3 p.m. 

    Are there extended hours? "Early Birds" runs from 7:30-8:30 a.m. each morning and "Milk and Cookies" each afternoon runs from 3-5:30 p.m. All students are welcome to sign up for these extended programs and must be registered to participate. 


    Is there drop-in care through the extended hours program? No. All campers must be pre-registered for extended camp programs. Campers need to be registered for Early Birds and Milk and Cookies by the Friday BEFORE the week that you need extended care.


    What about financial aid for camp tuition? Is any available? Financial aid is available for any current Stanley BPS family who will receive financial aid during the upcoming school year. Families must indicate need for aid at time of registration by checking a box on enrollment forms. All financial aid requests MUST be turned in by April 1. Material fees and the $75 non-refundable deposit per camp and material fees do not qualify for financial aid and must be paid. Aid is offered to students in the Stanley Scholars Program. Please see the Financial Aid Policy for more details. 

    What should each student bring to the Day Program each day? Each full day student should bring a water bottle, snack, hat and lunch. Please be sure to send your student to camp with sunscreen already applied. We are happy to reapply during the day with your written permission. If your child is signed up for swimming, be sure to send a towel and swimming suit as well.

    What should each camper bring to the Specialty Program each day? Each full day specialty program student should bring a water bottle, snack, hat and lunch. Please be sure to send a snack if your student would like one. Some programs will ask for special supplies or offer time to swim. Teachers will also send out information if anything specific is needed for their program. Check with the teacher if additional items are needed or if further questions remain. 

    What shouldn't students bring to Summer at Stanley? We strongly discourage students from bringing electronics such as iPods, cell phones, MP3 players, playing cards or personal games, large amounts of money, and other valuable objects.


    My student has food allergies or other special health circumstances, can this be accommodated? We are happy to work with you and your student to make sure that he or she is safe.  Please be sure to clearly explain all allergies and other medical concerns through the online camper registration forms. Also, please contact the medical coordinator, Melissa Knott, to discuss specific details and any special medical needs your camper may have.

    Where is Summer at Stanley located? We are located in the Lowry neighborhood of Denver. We are just north of Alameda and just south of 6th Avenue. More detailed directions.
        Our address:
        350 Quebec Street
        Denver, CO 80230.

    How do I register? All registration is done online through www.stanleybps.org, which can be accessed through the Register link when it's active on our homepage or at stanleybps.org/summer. There is a $25 registration fee per camper. This will only be charged one time per summer.

    Can I pay by credit card or check? Both!

    What do I do if my child wants to cancel or switch camps? If cancellation occurs before April 1, you will lose your $75 nonrefundable deposit. After April 1, there are no refunds.  To switch to a different week of camp, you will lose your non-refundable deposit. You will then be able to sign up for a different week. 


    How do I guarantee my child is registered with their friends? Only the legal parent(s) and/or guardian(s) are authorized to sign off on the registration form. This is a safety and legal precaution. The only way to increase the possibility of being in the same program with a friend is to try and complete the registration simultaneously, but under their own accounts. If an account is found to have multiple students registered that are not of their own, their camps will be cancelled. 


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