Tim Barrier

Phone: 303-360-0803, ext. 142


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Tim Barrier

Tim joined Stanley in 1995 to help create a middle school program on our then, newly-acquired property at Lowry. He's been in education for nearly three decades, now. Out of college, he taught history at a boarding school in Connecticut before coming to Colorado. Tim was teaching 4th grade at another independent school in Denver when the Stanley opportunity came along.

Tim views his role primarily as ensuring our teachers have the resources they need to do their work on behalf of children most effectively and to ensure that Stanley remains a leader in progressive education and in accessibility and inclusivity. "I've worked in three schools, of course Stanley for the longest time," says Tim. "I've always enjoyed the bustle of creative activity and the rhythm of the year that defines life in schools. I've eaten school lunch for over forty years now. I've always tried to view my various roles as essentially service-oriented and I value the fact that at Stanley our teachers and staff have such a deep commitment to serving children and their parents."

Tim is especially drawn to the language in our mission statement that calls on us to value every student's distinct contributions. It is this simple concept drives so much of what we do at Stanley. "We have seen tremendous growth at Stanley -- it's really been the story of our school for over forty years. I am proud of helping to support a faculty and staff who work hard to preserve the core of our mission and values yet also continually seek to find better and better ways to reach all of our learners. We've sustained and nurtured a truly child-centered, family-engaged community of learners."

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle" - a quote that brings to mind for Tim that we are all in this great adventure of life together, and that everyone is deserving of our best intentions and treatment.

When not at school, Tim enjoys spending time with family, playing music, cooking and baking, and building things. He's lived in many parts of the country - New England, North Carolina, Oregon - and is glad to have settled in Colorado and call it home.