The Stanley British Primary School


    We envision a community of joyful, lifelong learners prepared to make a positive difference in the world.


    We engage, challenge and inspire children to reach their potential and develop their own voices within an inclusive, diverse and collaborative community that values distinct contributions and abilities. We prepare teachers to implement our vision, mission and values, and we share our educational approach with the larger community.


    We value childhood. We are knowledgeable about the stages of child development and the different needs of each age group. We create learning experiences responsive to the stages of childhood. We are skilled in observing children and utilizing a variety of approaches to engage each child.

    We value positivity. We uphold a community culture in which all bring their best selves to school each day, are kind and thoughtful in their interactions, and presume positive intentions of one another.

    We value individuality. We recognize each child is unique and significant; therefore, we respect and build positive relationships with children and encourage them to know themselves – their strengths, challenges, learning style, culture and interests. We are committed to developing the whole child.

    We value discovery. We create an integrated, meaningful curriculum in which children can explore and experiment through first-hand experiences. We give children the opportunity to pursue their interests and thoughts, to make choices, and to take responsibility for their own learning. We promote a culture of continual learning and growth in our faculty and staff. We encourage curiosity, imagination and creativity.

    We value community responsibility. We provide a safe, nurturing, mutually respectful community. We cultivate in our students the ability and desire to be responsive and contributing members of the world. We value honesty, compassion and courage. We share what we know with one another and with the larger community of education.

    We value diversity of all kinds – in students, staff and parents. We develop in children an understanding of similarities and differences in people and the ability to make socially responsible decisions. Towards this end we promote flexibility, resourcefulness, critical thinking and communication.

    We value relationships. We recognize that positive relationships are fundamental to student learning and to the successful operation of the school. We actively include parents in their child's education and view partnership with parents as a critical means to realize our mission.

Portraits of "Stanley" the Bulldog

Stanley the Bulldog portraits 1
Stanley the Bulldog Portraits 2