You Put the 'Volunteer' in Volunteering

  • Stanley invites parent participation in a values-based way, and we never want your participation to be a chore or a constraint. In the way that our mission calls us to value the distinct contributions of every child, so too, do we value the array of contributions made by our parents. The success of our community relies on the involvement and engagement of each and every one in our midst.

    Our Office of Community Engagement offers more than 130 volunteer positions to choose from. We aim to provide opportunities for all families to experience the inspired giving of time, talent and treasure that is both cherished and impactful. We genuinely hope you will find a placement(s) that aligns with your time, interests and expertise.

Volunteer Roles

How to Request a Job

  • Our online request form makes it easy for parents to select volunteer opportunities that are the best fit for their families. 

    Please don't hesitate to contact us if you wish to participate after the summer deadline or if you have any questions about the request process.